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Cool Down Cubes - great for students who have difficulty with anger. Using a permanent marker, write a safe "cool down" strategy on each ice cube. For example: count to ten, walk away, talk to a friend, take three deep breaths, etc. I also left a few of the cubes blank so that the students could come up with their own strategies.


Crafty Counselor Chick: Cool Down Cubes

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4 Steps to Help Kids Manage Anger

Is your child angry? Childhood gives our kids lots of opportunities to demonstrate a range of emotions, including anger. As parents, its our job to help them process it all. Here are four strategies to help you manage anger in your home, in your own hearts and help heal the hearts of your kids.

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Calm Bottles - they stop toddler tantrums dead! Love this idea. We have to teach them how to calm themselves down, and this will help!!

Surviving Oz: Tantrum magic