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디자이너라면 '꼭' 봐야 할 사이트 - 종합, 그래픽 디자인 편

디자이너라면 '꼭' 봐야 할 사이트 - 종합, 그래픽 디자인 편

Victoria Gate Arcade Exterior Facade

London firm Acme has completed a shopping centre in Leeds, England, featuring a white latticed concrete facade.

5osA: [오사] :: '5osa' 카테고리의 글 목록

Retail \\ glass \\ Commercial district in shanghai, china, high-end fashion house ports canadian studio uufie to develop their flagship store’s façade.


Talk about natural lighting, seems have structural commonalities with modern greenhouses.

Eerie it seems and wonder what lurks beyond it.

church little country church. by Old beautiful church door Great Parish Church Doors, Yellow with big blue door hinges. Church do.


♅ Detailed Doors to Drool Over ♅ art photographs of door knockers, hardware & portals - Marais area of Paris, France

OK, wow, Really nice gate and surround. This was NOT made in a day or two. Another David Norrie piece from CO.

Fire House Doorway in West Chester, PA during the Blizzard of 22 inches of snow and 40 mph wind gusts. That looks like some firehouse!