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Be nice to the NURSE

I am an ER nurse... LOVE vintage old photos and historical pieces tied to nursing! Being a nurse is amazing and utterly fulfilling!

Be nice to the NURSE

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What to Do When the Victim’s Confused and So Are You | The Survival Doctor

What Can Cause An Altered Mental Status

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Cardiac electrophysiology: a visual guide for nurses, techs, and fellows

Funny Nursing Quotes:

Stroke: Mini-stroke Warns That Major Stroke Is Near.

Different Types of Bone Fractures

Broken Bones - Brenner Children's Hospital


Hypothyrodism and Hyperthyroidism - at a glance

So us lol @Veronica Sartori Sartori Sartori Sartori Sluder

Digestion and gut health

Nurse humor

Too many times

"The Calling" by Edwin Hofert. A day in the life of a nurse

We love this poem written by a Scrubs reader!

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards | NurseBuff

For any medical, nursing, or other healthcare student, this poster of the menstrual cycle is very informative as well as cute. Be amazed as the estrogen takes a nosedive right before ovulation! Check out the egg as it takes its long journey through your reproductive system! Marvel at the luteal lunacy!

I don't always roll a joint but when I do it's always my ankle.

Cerebral Strokes. The two major mechanisms that cause brain damage in stroke are, ischemia and hemorrhage. In ischemic stroke there is decreased or absent circulating blood deprives neurons of essential substrates. Ischemic stroke represents about 80% of all strokes.

What would I do without the patient's family members there to tell me how to do my job?

True story!! And I'll be working a 12 hour shift!!

Sometimes, as a psychiatric nurse.

Sometimes, as a psychiatric nurse.

(From right to left): Scalp, Periosteum, Bone, Dura Mater Arachnoid Mater, Pia Mater, Brain.

Can I get 20-30 minutes to get my shit together? For real.

Things That Annoy Nurses and Doctors the Most.