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Cancer Cheat Sheet - never saw opal as the stone, always ruby, but right on about inner world being quirky and complex

A diamond, gold and enamel brooch, by Cartier, in the form of a crab, symbol of the zodiacal sign of Cancer.

CARTIER Crab Brooch

CARTIER Crab Brooch USA century This Brooch is gold, with reddish enamel and diamond eyes,and is signed CARTIER.

little crab bracelet ~ beach jewelry

Little Crab Bracelet, Beach Jewelry, Silver Crab Bangle, Beach Bangle, Beach Bracelet, Cute Crab Jewelry, Cancer Zodiac Sign, Zodiac Jewelry

Cancer Healing Crystals by Soul Sister Designs

Cancer Healing Crystals by Soul Sister Designs

Zodiac City

The Best Zodiac Facts

Cancer Zodiac Sign - The zodiac signs for June are Gemini (astrology) (until June or Cancer (astrology) (from June 21 onwards)

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