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Daddy was always bringing craft ideas home from the office. I guess whatever the ladies at work were making became our next family project. We made these one year. Pair of vintage beaded safety pin baskets Instructions - www.beadwrangler....

Turkey Pin.

Safety Pin Bracelets helps anyone craft an entire collection of brilliant, sparkling jewelry out of garden-variety safety pins. The book includes 12 dazzling bracelet designs.

Safety Pin Bracelets by Klutz

$10.99 Arts and Crafts Safety Pin Candle Holders Blue by GrandmasOldAttic, $10.99

Safety Pin Angels - you could make a ring then attach headpins ..... #wire #jewellry #tutorial

Safety Pin Angel
  • Susan Ward
    Susan Ward

    How come I can't find the patterns for these projects? I thought they were supposed to be free patterns.

  • Susan Ward
    Susan Ward

    Never mind........I'm dense! I figured it out! :-) LOL

  • FazzaWorld

    Susan Ward no

  • Tracey Rutledge
    Tracey Rutledge

    Susan Ward no you figured it out....the Al Maktoum comment was me too, I forgot I was logged into my other Pinterest account.

Christmas tree from pins and beads tutorial

Christmas Tree Ornament – On Pins and Needles!

DIY Beaded Spider. She also has an amazing 365 Spider blog where you can gather inspiration: atomicrose.blogsp... #diy #crafts #spiders #halloween #beads #beaded_spider #insects

Beaded Spider Tutorial

Beaded Angel Recipe. How to make simple, affordable beaded angels with just a few supplies. Bead caps, wings, glass pearls and head pins. Tutorial from #ecrafty @ecrafty link:

safety pin tree

DIY Safety pin basket TUTORIAL. Future class idea :) THANKS Audreyanna!

diy project: bead-and-pin baskets


  • Linda Hart
    Linda Hart

    would just love to hava a pattern for this beautiful necklace

  • Tracey Rutledge
    Tracey Rutledge

    Me too, I figure one day I'll just try to copy the pic as best I can.

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

night light cover made from safety pins and beads

  • Louise Lacasse
    Louise Lacasse

    does anyone have instructions

  • FazzaWorld

    louise lacasse no ma'am....I just pinned it bc I thought it was cool...I'm sorry

  • Nancy Lawson
    Nancy Lawson

    Bummer so where the heck is it!! Guess someone is just after our email address

TheBeadLadi - Crystal and Royal Blue Bead and Safety Pin Hanging Basket $19.99

safety pins and beads :-)

Blue and Gold Candle Holder
  • Linda Greer
    Linda Greer

    How do I get the pattern

sculptures from safety pins and glass beads by Shige Fujishiro

hand beaded safety pin pink ribbon

  • Bridget Pitts
    Bridget Pitts

    Does anyone know how to make this?

  • FazzaWorld

    Linda Greer Bridget Pitts Sorry it took so long....I never saw the notices I had messages....I looked up the page where I got was on a craft site, and the page for this item is no longer there.....If I find a pattern similar I will let you know....

  • Charissa Huffman
    Charissa Huffman

    I have looked everywhere for this pattern. Multiple family members and a couple of my dear friends have cancer. I know the pattern isn't there, but since you've already done at least one would you be willing to try to create one. You could use the one you have as a pattern.

  • FazzaWorld

    Charissa Huffman I have never made one...I just found the pin and thought it was nice, and repinned it....I am so sorry....

  • Deb (Fedorchuk) Hrycenko
    Deb (Fedorchuk) Hrycenko

    It almost looks like you would make it like you would a bracelet or wrist band. I was thinking of giving it a try. I was also going to try with wire beaded in strands and then putting the safety pins through. Sound crazy ?

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Home Made Night Light!!! *1 night light from Walmart *23 pins *8 clear crystal beads per 1 inch safety pin *thick craft wire ~string the safety pins one at a time with a bead in between each pin, twist the wires together and a cover for a simple night light!!

green,white beaded doll

Make Beaded Safety Pin Dolls

Wavy safety pin beaded bracelet by fawnabella on Etsy, $10.00

Hand-made hot air balloon lamp in crystal and royal blue. It's made from 156 silver safety pins and 1,428 acrylic beads and is designed to hang from a ceiling hook or wall bracket. Uses a 7-watt night light bulb on a 6-foot clip in cord.

  • Bridget Pitts
    Bridget Pitts

    Could I get instructions and pattern to this?

  • Kae Cooley
    Kae Cooley

    Would love the instructions and pattern all so!

  • Tracey Rutledge
    Tracey Rutledge

    Bridget Pitts Kae Cooley sorry I don't have the instructions....I just pinned the items.....

  • Kae Cooley
    Kae Cooley

    Okay, thanks.

Hand-made hot air balloon lamp in root beer, gold and crystal. It's made from 156 silver safety pins and 1,428 acrylic beads and is designed to hang from a ceiling hook or wall bracket. Uses a 7-watt night light bulb on a 6-foot clip in cord.

Make a Safety Pin Christmas Tree! It's cheap and easy. You need: 5 Safety Pins, 3" 32 Translucent Green Pony Beads 11 Metallic Pony Beads White Glue 30" Metallic Cord One 5/8" Jingle Bell Find complete directions at: www.makingfriends...

Mini Glass Beads Lamp Shade - made out of safety pins and beads.

Mini Glass Beads Lamp Shade | eBay
  • Judy Day
    Judy Day

    where can i get the pattern for this

  • FazzaWorld

    Judy Day Hi, this is Tracey, it's just my other Pinterest ID. I don't know about about the pattern, sorry. I just found it and thought it was cute, so I repinned it.

SafteyPinBracelet--make in team colors

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial