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The odds of getting a patient that looks like the first guy is probably about as good as winning the lottery.

We all know that feeling . . .especially when they're in contact!!

Our 5 favorite nursing memes on Tumblr this week

Because apparently they didn't understand "do you need anything else before I leave the room". After you just took off PPEs in an iso room

So much truth in this. I feel like at this point I'm mostly like the person on the top :/

My life. The constant ricochet between feeling like "omg I LOVE my job" and "omg I have to quit RIGHT NOW" is kind of exhausting tbh.

95 Funny Nursing eCards and Memes:

95 Funny Nursing eCards and Memes

Accidentally ruining your friends' appetites because you forget 'normal' people don't talk about bodily fluids and functions over meals

Burden of being a nurse! This is so true, unfortunately I have ruined a good many family memebers and friends appitites talking bout nursing experiences. Lol, sorry guys!

The look I give when my patient asks for water non-stop and they're on a fluid restriction. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Nursing humor. Nurse problems. Registered Nurse. RN. Monkey meme. Ugh.

The look I give my patients when they ask for water mon stop and they're on fluid restriction or NPO.

When you realize you're assigned to crazy, naked, smelly guy. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered nurses. RN. Nursing meme. Kristen Wiig. Targetlady meme.

When you realize you're assigned to crazy, naked, smelly guy. THAT is what being a NURSE is all about!