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Classroom Management

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea! I'm doing this!

Teacher Stamp Facebook Like! Reward your students' hard work with this cool Facebook Like stamp. Great way to motivate students to do better and collect more likes!

All of your students can say thank-you in a jiffy with this sticky note file folder thank-you card.

Education to the Core: Bright Ideas: Integrating Writer's Workshop Into Your Reading Block

Jigsaw pairs - print off & laminate so you can reuse. - subject pronouns/ verbs, questions/ answers, etc

Kagan Cooperative Learning - Working with a partner freebie!

Calming music for classroom. Website lets you play the music at no cost. Love this.

The magic thing - an awesome way to motivate your students to help straighten up the classroom. Choose a piece of trash or item that needs to be put up without stating what it is. Students clean the room in hopes of cleaning or throwing away the "magic thing." When you're satisfied, round them up and let them know who found it. That students earns a reward.

Creating a Joyful School Staff - a must read for all administrative staff - especially principals.

Automatic Seating Chart. This free program allows teachers to enter relationships between students and gives a happiness percentage based on the teacher's preferences.

Oops I forgot my homework also includes a reading log!

Using highlighted paper and other strategies for improving handwriting. Free printable.

Another student teacher appreciation gift from class. A book with the students letters in a binder. Something you can treasure forever.

Brain-based research shows that there are major differences between boys and girls in terms of reasoning and brain development follow, which leads to differences in general understanding of concepts as well as test-taking abilities.

Rainy and Snow Day Activities for Indoor Recess

Need a quote for an assignment, newsletter, or inspiration? Check out this site that has quotes chosen especially for the classroom - nothing inappropriate or irrelevant. Makes it way easier to find the quote YOU need.

Remind 101 Parent Letter: This is like the coolest thing ever!

NOTEBOOK COVERS: School subject coloring pages - great for journal covers! - These could also serve as the first page of each section of student binders to make organizing it fun.

Need an easier way to write that daily objective for each subject? Grab the TEKS I Can Statements for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

You've Been BOO'ed! This is a fun HALLOWEEN surprise that is left outside someone’s door without them knowing who left it. Use this to bring joy to the teachers, students, and staff at your school!

Teaching Upper Elementary Collaborative Pinterest Board. Follow for great ideas for upper elementary!

My evaluations are tied into my student's performance and my principal is requiring me to track data. This is perfect! Research shows that when students track their own learning and understanding with student data tracking or graphing binders, there is an improvement in student learning and a tremendous amount of motivation. Perfect for my data center. See this awesome data tracking for student! $