Personalized Cake Carriers- add a cake mix, serving knife.

Personalized Cake Carriers- add a cake mix, serving knife. -cute idea for christmas gifts:) (FYI: I found some cake carriers at Dollar Tree that were sturdy enough to carry my pound cakes!

For a rainy day.

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift!

Cute gift idea for someone at christmas .Get an inexpensive umbrella from the dollar store and dangled bills from the inside so that when opened up – tada! A little something for a rainy day… And tons of other cute ways to give money as a gift.

I love this lego tray gift idea!

How to Build a Simple Lego Tray

Personalized Lego tray with a box of Legos attached with ribbon.a brilliant gift idea for boys.

"Flippin'" cute gift idea.

Gift Ideas for Men, Stamped Spatula and Cookies "We Flipping Love You"

Teacher Gift Ideas: cute idea--“We flippin love you”…You flippin rock, You’re the flippin best______(insert teacher, dad, friend, lover etc… here)

Emergency Kit Gift Idea... Perfect for teachers, friends and teens! #gifts

Back to School Emergency Kit

Cute Valentine Wrapping

2 simple Valentine's Day gift wrapping ideas

Draw hearts on plain gift wrap. With x acto knife cut out on half of the heart. Fold back. Place color of choice tissue paper under the heart cut out paper and wrap gift. Cards,DIY Ideas & Inspiration Re

The Giving Plate

The Giving Plate: “This plate shall have no owner for its journey never ends, It travels in a circle of our family and friends. It carries love from home to home for everyone to share, The food that’s. This is such a sweet idea!

Ideas for taking meals to someone who is ill, elderly, death in the family, or for more joyous occasions like a new baby.

What a great website - "Take Them a Meal" - simplifying meal coordination so friends, family, neighbors and co-workers can show they care.

Mailing gifts? Candy cushioned presents!

30+ Great Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas - Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - Country Living Shipping packages, use peppermints as a cushion!

This fun box is perfect for mailing because it is super light weight.  Inside are balloons, each one with a dollar inside.  You could even throw confetti in some to mix it up.  This is such a fun way to wish someone a Happy Birthday from far away.

Send a box full of balloons with notes/money inside each one. Won't weigh much to ship! Great for niece and nephew birthdays. Love this idea! Also fun care package idea for a soldier friend!

Would be a sweet anniversary gift that we could add to every year.

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Memory box- I made this for my boyfriend for valentines day.turned out so special great idea took me about two days off and on.

Gifts That Give Back

12 Gifts for a Good Cause (That Are Actually Cool)

Gifts That Give Back to charities. Salad spoons, Christmas ornaments, sports equipment, gift baskets and goodies.

Birthday Gift Idea-Fill Balloons with little notes and confetti

What I Love About You Balloon Birthday Gift Idea

For Your Mistle Toes - Cute Christmas gift.

Great idea: For Holiday gifts this year,I got each of the wonderful women I work with an ESSIE polish with a name and a color to suit their personality.