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a black and white poster with the words thinking maps in different font styles on it
Thinking Maps | Critical thinking skills, Teaching strategies, Thinking maps
Thinking Maps | Thinking maps, Critical thinking skills, Teaching strategies
the company's annual roster is shown in blue and white, along with an image of
About Us
About Us | OKR Management Tool | OKR Software |
the 39 essential innovation questions from the innovation genomic project, including how to use them
Cory Mogk on Twitter
the innovation model for innovation and innovation is shown in this diagram, which includes four squares with
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an image of the back side of a computer screen with green and purple lines on it
How Vertical Farming Works
How Vertical Farming Works
an image of some kind of animal that is in the water
"Gecko Gripper" Tech to Clean Up Space Junk
Researchers are figuring out how to use a nature-inspired "gecko gripper" technology to solve the mounting problem of space debris. The post Gecko Gripper Tech to Clean Up Space Junk appeared first on Sky & Telescope.
an image of what kind of result do you want to learn? written on a whiteboard
Think about what kind of result you want when designing an activity/a process. Source:,
a diagram that shows the different types of thinking and what they mean them to be
System Innovation for Sustainability: Using Systems Thinking and Design Thinking
Conjointly Using Systems Thinking and Design Thinking.
a woman's profile is shown with the words what does the think & feel?
Get Noticed with Video | Dallas Marketing Video Coaching
This is an empathy map I created to drive out the characteristics of my buyer persona. I used it as a handout I refer to in my 49 minute video: 5 Reasons No One Is Talking About Your Brand. You can watch the full presentation here in my Youtube channel:
the words world's first solar panel road opens in france - the verge
World’s first ‘solar panel road’ opens in France
World’s first ‘solar panel road’ opens in France - The Verge
a person standing in the grass with a bag
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
Tom Gray, who's sold everything from snack clips to gutter guards, offers young…
a group of people standing around a bar in a room with couches and tables
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
At McCann's New York office, Gensler used a glass wall to divide individual workstations from a conference room.
a close up of an insect with a toothbrush in it's mouth
These 3D-Printed Cameras Are So Tiny They Can Be Injected Into Your Brain
These 3D-Printed Cameras Are So Tiny They Can Be Injected Into Your Brain. If printed onto the end of an optic fiber, the lens becomes a camera that can be inserted into any part of the human body, including the brain. This gives doctors unprecedented access to our internal organs, as well as allowing all existing kinds of keyhole observation without having to jab in a regular-sized endoscope.