LED lights mounted on a brooks saddle

LED lights mounted on a brooks saddle. Just loving the perspective in this photo. So fun.

wooden riser bicycle handlebar by WoodOOcycles. "Now isn't this the business - love it." Thanks to Adrian for sharing this pin. MAKETRAX.net - Bicycle DETAIL

Wooden riser bicycle handlebar

wooden riser bicycle handlebar by WoodOOcycles. "Now isn't this the business…

Love the bike

christophe machet: camioncyclette transportation bike

Is the Camioncyclette a bike with too many baskets attached, or is it just a giant, ride-able shopping-cart? According to designer Christophe Machet, it's in fact a "transportation bicycle", and can carry up to 330 pounds in those wiry receptacles.

Handmade commuter bike from Vanilla Bicycles in Portland, OR

Commuter bike by Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles, on view now through August at the Museum of Art and Design in New York as part of the Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle.


Love this side car for a bike . fashiontoolsandmotorcycles: The Fremont Bike by Ziba :: collapsible “sidecar” and canvas bag

bicycle sidecar plans

2 bikes from thrift. from one - remove seat & front tire/forks, configure connecting bars/floor, bolt to both frames, paint. add standing passenger trailer behind working bike for roadside scrap gathering.

A tack bike frame with 3d printed lugs | by Ralf Holleis | cunicode

Bike Frame with Printed Lugs by Ralf Holleis. It’s a track bike frame with printed stainless steel lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes.

M232 Monkey Light bicycle wheel light. Photo by Antoine Pethers

Be seen with our amazing bicycle wheel lights. Make your bike rides safer and more fun.

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