Great idea! Perhaps use an electric light rather than a candle.

DIY-candle-holders-with-doilie I am pretty sure that I could use paper doilies and paint them my colors and modge podge them. Yep, I sure could! I would definitely use tealight lights instead of candles.

Don't want to clutter Mike's hill ... besides, bird seed in the wedding dress, especially on a hot/humid day, is gross ... I speak from experience.

Lovely idea for each ceremony chair - but a bit more English would be - when the Bride & Groom walk your way, throw some petals and shout hooray! Great idea rather than a grand entrance because you usually walk back to get more pictures taken


So cute with two dogs that say Our Humans. "My humans are getting married" little dog sign. Now if he will only walk that straight line up the aisle!

This would be so beautiful! And would be so cute in your pictures:)

Sparklers create a grand exit -- the next best thing to fireworks! Make it easy for guests by providing buckets of sparklers. Line walkway with lit votive candles so guests can easily light their sparklers.

A cute idea for setting up a kids table at a grown-up party or wedding

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas: instead of a kids table include a small bucket of crayons and coloring books on each table, with a sign that says "for kids and adults who love to color". Or something similar to that phrase:) kids area, let them be free!

Top 10 ways to save money on your wedding

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding - Frugal tips and ideas to help you save money on your wedding. It is possible to plan a lovely wedding on a budget!

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