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Katie 'Visser' Kelley

Katie 'Visser' Kelley

I don't want to be rescued by a knight in shining armour.... I want to be tied up by Christian Grey.

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Ellen and Portia!

  • Ashley Rutter-Hanzel

    Lol what morons... If you don't like them or don't support their relationship then why the hell are you looking at their pic really Go look at pins about 50 shades of grey and be a hater somewhere else

  • Keely Brown

    *grabs chair and popcorn* Really, I don't see why people feel the need to argue about things here. Give your opinion and move on. Although, it does make for a comical read sometimes.

  • Pam Matlock


  • Lilly Quynn


  • Ashley Rutter-Hanzel

    Oh come on perverted lol and what about them loving each other being married an committed to each other walking down the street is perverted exactly..I bet you are going to be out on Election Day supporting Romney too.. Woman like you are pitiful.. Since when did two people walking down the street become perverted I feel sorry for you.

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