box of sunshine

I wish I had someone that cared enough to send me a box full of sunshine.that would be so nice. Box of Sunshine to brighten someone's day; I'm going to keep this in mind for a friend having a "blue" day, or for a get-well gift.

Altoids Tin Candle

The more wicks you use, the brighter the output, and the more heat you end up with on a cold day. Larger tin, more wicks. big enough and you can heat water over it. If you use the mini Altoids can with one wick, you get a 'Warning Light' .

doctor who companion survival kit made for a craft swap - super ideas and the tin is so cute. The swapper even put together a Dr. Who coloring book (the pdf file is avaliable online!) to go with the crayons she included

DIY Portable Lego Kit

The White Lotus tile Uncle Iroh made famous on Avatar: the Last Airbender.

The Jasmine Dragon Tea house - Avatar the Last Airbender inspired graphic design poster

The Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box is a metal lunch box ready to hold in all of your zombie fighting fuel. Pack it with Twinkies, Tactical Bacon, caffeinated gum, and energy drinks, everything you'll need to stay alive.

Avatar Brave Soldier Boy - Uncle Iroh I actually cried during this scene when he started singing.

I Really want to do an uncle Iroh gift basket. Tea, mugs, meditation/mindfulness guide (Good excuse to watch TLA over and write down all my fav quotes :P)

33 DIY Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever

homemade sandcastle kit - great for indoor or outdoor sand areas, awesome addition of the flag banners! what other architectural items could go with this?