Is it a faerie ring? If you enter the doorway is it a portal to another dimension? Is it a faerie garden? Or is it just a secret garden? Enter if you dare.

very creepy


Bridge to nowhere. 37 Images Of The Eerily Beautiful Way Nature Reclaims What We Abandon. Probably will not take this path;

abandoned slide

destroyed-and-abandoned: “ An abandoned elephant slide inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Photograph by David McMillan ”

Abandoned in Narol, a town in Podkarpacie Voivodeship, in Lubaczów County, Poland.

Abandoned town Narol, in Podkarpacie Voivodeship, in Lubaczów County, Poland

Paris Hotel Boutique Journal: Hauntingly Haunted Images...this looks like the old Buffalo Psychiatric Hospital!

Raven Spires, Glasgow, Scotland The ravens look a little scary but this is an awesome picture.


Old Farm House & Red Ivy Vines, 70 Abandoned Old Buildings. left alone to decay