45 Treasures

45 Treasures is crowd-sourced research, a way for readers to help create the world of my next historical novel.What treasure do you have, circa 1900-1945, to…
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two statues of rabbits sitting on top of a stone slab
from David: ornamental metal lawn rabbits. "Someone set them in concrete... I found them irresistible and now they greet us at our front door."
two glass vases sitting on top of a black table next to eachother
from Ann: perfume bottles
a red box with white and black dominos in it
from Vivian: domino set
a close up of a medal on a white surface with the words central high school
from Amy: "This is my grandmother's Debate Club pin from 1921. She graduated that year from Central High School in Muskogee, Oklahoma."
a wooden desk with an old photo on it and a paper holder in the middle
from Joyce: "This stereopticon belonged to my husband's grandmother probably in the first decade of the 20th century. Amused people before movies and TV."
an old wooden case with many different tools in it
from Amy and Ken: our grandfather's golf clubs
an open children's story book on a wooden table with the title uncle wiggly's story book
Uncle Wiggily Story Book--I think this was my dad's. He used to read it to me when I was little, and I loved the illustrations.
a watercolor painting of a man standing on the beach next to a boat and buckets
Maine watercolor
two white candlesticks sitting on top of a red doily
from Heather: water decanters
five small plates with pictures on them sitting on a counter top next to each other
from Heather: berry dishes
the cover of modern screen magazine with a woman's face
December 1946 issue of Modern Screen magazine
a wooden rocking chair with a cushion on the seat and back rests in front of a bed
from Maureen: sewing rocker
Gorgeous bakelite dot brtacelets circa 1930s Bijoux, Bracelets, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bakelite Bracelets, Bakelite Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Cuff Bracelets
Polka Dots and Stripe Bracelets
Gorgeous bakelite dot brtacelets circa 1930s
four colorful lights are shown in the shape of three lamps, one is red and one is green
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Noma 6 ft. 7-Light Incandescent Multi-Color Traditional Bubble Light Set-28077-56 - The Home Depot
from Stephen: Waltham pocket watch Pocket Watch, Stephen, Waltham, Pocket, Watch
from Stephen: Waltham pocket watch