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My Favorite Movies

"Saving Mr. Banks"...What A Shame No Oscars Went To This Great Movie!! Emma Thompson Is Simply Great In A Tortured, Yet Funny Portrayal of P.S. Travers, the Author of the Mary Poppins Books...Hank Makes a Perfect Walt Disney & the Heartfelt Interaction Between the Two Stars and The Sideline Players (Paul Giamanti Among Them...Wonderful!!) Is Unforgettable...I Laughed, I Smiled, I Sang, I Cried...I LOVED IT..and, Even More Of An Endorsement...SO Did My Husband!! Best Film of 2013 I Have Seen!!

"i am sam"...Sean Penn In His Most Riveting Role As A Mentally Handicapped Father...Superb Film With Michele Pfeiffer In An Outstanding Supporting Role..This Film Will Break Your Heart & Make You Smile..Often At The Same Time!! I Loved It...And Have Seen It At Least 100 Times!!

"12 Years a Slave"...Best Movie Oscar for 2013...Oh, SO, SO Deserved!! This Great Movie Is Chocked Full Of Heart, Superb Performances, and Brings the Very True Story of Soloman Northrup Alive!! A Free Black Man From NY Sold Into Slavery Thru Trickery For Money..and The 12 Years Of Pain He Endured..Often Hard to Watch, But A MUST SEE To KNOW How Cruel Life Could Be For Our African American Brothers & Sisters of Yesteryear...Loved This Film...Moving!!

"The Wolf of Wall Street"--The Go-Go 80's With Money Flowing And Takers Taking And Laws Breaking All Around...Scorcese Directs and Leo Stars...Great Film...Over The Top? Of Course...Cause It Was All True!! Loved It...In Any Other Year, The Nod Would Have Gone To Di Caprio....But The Film Will Propel His Box Office, If Possible...Great Movie!! Oscar Nods SO Deserved All The Way Around!!

"Dallas Buyers Club"...OMG...What A Film!! McCoughney's Oscar Win As Well As Levit's Best Supporting Actor Were More Than Deserved...Jennifer Garner Is Superb In A Small Role & This Entire Film Kept Me Entranced....A Real-Life Drama (My Favorite Kind of Film!!) Built Around, AIDS, Early Treatment, A Band Of Misfits & Where Truly Good Can Come From What Were, At First, Not So Great Intentions..Run, Don't Walk, To Rent This Now!! I Loved It...My Favorite 2013 Oscar Film So Far!! Wow!!

American Hustle (2013) - I am placing this on par with The Usual Suspects. So well written and well acted with a super surprise (to me) actor thrown in. I was guessing until the very end! Great movie - though I don't see it as a comedy...Note, the Film Could Have Been 30 Minutes Shorter, But If You Lived Thru The 70's, This Will Carry You Back...Liked It Immensely!!

Ed Wood. Directed by Tim Burton. Based on a true story of a "legendary director of awful movies." Johnny Depp and Martin Landau are spectacular.

"Gravity"--2013...Sandra Bullock & George Clooney (For a Few Minutes of the Film) Lost On A Space Mission...Bullock Is Right On Mark and Deserved the Oscar Nod, While The Premise of the Film Was A Bit Weak..Mark Up A Great Performance By America's Sweetheart!!

"THE PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT"... Director: Milos Forman. Year: 1996. Cast: Woody Harrelson, Courtney Love and Edward Norton...An All Star Cast in the Telling of the True Story of Both the Life Of Larry Flint, Notorious Porn Magazine King, and American Truths Put On Trial Under Flint's Pressures...One Fine, Fine Film...Harrelson Deserved An Oscar!!

"Annie"---One of the Best Musicals of My Daughter's Childhood!! Carol Burnett is Superbly Evil and the Music Is Unforgettable!! I Still Love This Movie...And Now Enjoy Watching It Now With My Granddaughter!! And, Alone, Too!!

"Olympus Has Fallen"---A Terrorist Attack Takes Down A Washington Institution...Great Acting, Lots of Acting & A Smart Screenplay!! Add Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart & Morgan Freeman & You Have A Superb Film...I Loved It!!

"Uncle Buck"--John Candy's Best Screen Performance..When the Parents Go Away, Gambling, Boozing, Loser Uncle Buck Is Left In Charge...With Love & A Firm Hand His Niece & Nephew Have Never Known, He Wins Hearts & Minds....One of My Daughter's Fav Films...I Loved It All 300 Times I Watched...And You Will, TOO!! 5 Big Stars!! We Miss You, John!!

"The Replacements"--When the "Real Players" Go On Strike, You Turn To A Bunch Of Rag-Tag Wannabe's...With Results That Are More Than Imagined. A Comedy With A Serious Note About Overcoming Life's Adversities....Great Film!!

"Chasing Mavericks" - Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston...I Caught This Great Little Flick On HBO On a Rainy Sunday Afternoon...Superb Film About A Middle-Aged Surfer Who Fosters A Teenager With Dreams of Becoming A Master Wave Rider!! Wonderful, Uplifting Story, Great Acting & A Very Good Film...Loved It!!

"Black Hawk Down"---A Seal Team In Somalia...The Brutality of War Woven With the Humanity & Devotion of Soldiers...A True Story That Will Leave You In Wonder & In Tears..Oscar Loved This Film & So Did I!! Rent It NOW!!

"The Fighter"--A Fighter With A Hopeful Future Brought Down With A Washed Up Brother & A Boston Tough Mom...Mark Wallburg Is Gold and Marissa Leo Earned An Oscar...I Love, Love This Film..Dream, Family And Dysfunction In It's Highest State....Well Written, Well Acted & Brilliantly Beautifully Photographed...

"Gangs of New York"--Martin Scorcese's Look At the Infamous Irish NY Mob At The First of the Twentieth Century...A Motley Crew In A New Nation Scratching And Killing Their Way To A Bit Of Success...Be It What It May...As Always, You DO NOT Miss With A Scorcese Film...NOT EVER!!

"Independence Day"---You'' Be Saying, "I Wants Me One of These" For Weeks After Falling In Love With Will Smith's Fighter Pilot and Bill Paxton's President...A Science Fiction Hit Supreme...A Summer Hit To Keep Watching All Year Long...Year After Year!! Love, Love This Film...

"Glory"...Denzel Won His First Oscar For This Wonderful Story of an African American Brigade of Union Soldiers...Morgan Freeman Shines, as Ever and This Historical Drama Is A "Do Not Miss" Movie...History & The Movies Intwined Superbly!!

"Crouching Tiger--Hidden Dragon"--Ang Lee's First Oscar Winner...A Great Martial Arts Film That Is NOT Just About Fighting...The Special Effects Are Wonderful, the Acting Superb & the Ancient Story Spellbinding!! What A Movie!!

Rambo (Widescreen Edition) DVD ~ Sylvester Stallone..After the "Rocky" Franchise, Stallone Hit PayDirt Playing Yet Another "R" Character...John Rambo...Vietnam Vet With A Cause...I Loved This Film and It Has A Front Row Spot In Our DVD Collection!! 5 Big Stars!!

"Remember the Titans"---The 1999 Film Which Touched America...A Black Coach Integrated A Southern School & Finds Himself In Hot Water Galore..Until the Community Sees There IS HOPE In Unity...A MUST SEE Film With A Very Meaningful Message...We Pull This DVD Out Every Couple of Months...And So Will You!! 5 Big Stars!!

"The Holiday"--A Brit And A New Yorker Down On Love Do A House Exchange Over the Christmas Season and Discover There's More Than A Quiet Holiday In Store...LOved Jude Law, Cameron Diaz & Jack Black In This Great Film...A Watch Often Kind Of Movie!! Loved, Loved It!!

"The Green Mile"---Tom Hanks & The Late Michael Clark Duncan Do Full Justice To The Ground-Breaking Stephen King Serial Novel...A Prison, A Convict, and A Guard Who Has To Wonder...Who Is This Man On Death Row...And Just WHO Is He So Close To Upstairs? Great Film...

"E.T."--- Directed by Steven Spielberg...A Perfect Film...This Movie Holds Up Despite the Decades....A Timeless Story of "A Lost Traveler" Just Hoping To Find His Way Home, But Brokenhearted To Leave Those He Has Come to Love On His Journey...Timeless Film From a Genius Spielberg!! LOVE IT!!