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Random Things I Enjoy

Random Things I Enjoy

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Teeth magnets.

Tooth cookie jar. Doubles as a storage container. $49

Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar - Urban Outfitters

This Is My Happy Hour Eco Tank by everfitte on Etsy

Hay Boxes

Bit Clock by Woonwinkel

Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant by boygirltees

Molar bear

Kale Yeah

I am fascinated with ballet

Totes ma goats.

fancy soaps + daily things

"Chemex coffee" by caleblewis

Double wine tote.

nerd child, probably a glimpse into my future.

lungs only job. and it's only simple diffusion


Chemist flowers.

magnet gems

DIY colorblock coasters

Pillow fort architect.

Image of Leather Mouse Pad in Neon Red/Pink

dragon kid!

probably what my kid would be like

Geometrical Pot