Don't stop believin' / Hold on to the feelin'. Yes I'm a huge Journey fan and no I'm not ashamed :)


One day I will wear a bun in my hair, sweatpants, and pajamas to Walmart.LOL- NOOOOOOOO not ever going to happen people! I will never understand why pjs are acceptable in a Walmart or any public place really.

Only on weekends

Funny Confession Ecard: We're not alcoholics. We generally only drink on the weekends. Except for special occasions. And boredom. And Thursdays. Which some people consider weekends.

Haha! I love it!

sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it. wise words from an 8 year old.


Funny Friendship Ecard: I'm glad we have finally accepted the fact that finding a suitable man in this town shares the same odds as finding a live unicorn. YES RATCHET PHILLY SMH LOL


don't we all hate when this happens lol? I'm sure I've accidentally done it to people too :(

I mean, seriously.

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: See when I was your age, Pluto was a planet. and we had Twinkies.

you're so thoughtful, Ryan..

Hey girl, Guns can be dangerous to society, so I'm going to register my arms before I cuddle with you tonight. - Ryan Gosling // Thank you Ryan.

I LOVE the honey badger!!!

Honey Badger don’t care….Honey Badger don’t give a SHIT!