Clever division game to make them think! Fun Games 4 Learning: Equation Maker Games

Equation Maker Games

This interacitve book is a supplement to "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins. Explore division and equal sharing while simultaneously reading the book, individually, in small groups or as a reteach or intervention activity! Pages follow story and have room for students to show groups and write division sentences that match the division problems that arise every time the doorbell rings!

The Doorbell Rang Division Book

Math Coachs Corner: Modeling Division. Applying the concrete, representational, and abstract sequence of instruction to division.

Math Coach's Corner: Modeling Division

Monster set of division games! 27 Printable Division Board Games - these are math games that kids love! $


FREEBIE - Division Bump Games Freebie from Games 4 Learning - Kids love Bump games!!!

Division Bump Games Freebie

Activities eNewsletter: Heat Up Learning With a Giant Winter Cap—Free Pattern!

Activities eNewsletter: Heat Up Learning With a Giant Winter Cap—Free Pattern!

This freebie is from a set that includes twelve division problems. For each problem students will show the answer as groups of, an array, jumps on a number line, an equation and in a sentence. Using multiple strategies to find and show the answer helps students to visualize and understand how and why division works. All the problems in this set have dividends of 50 or less. #DivisionWordProblems

One Step Division Word Problem Level 1 Freebie

TPT $4.00 Division: Puzzles for practice of division facts. Self-Checking Please note that this resource is included in a bundle that includes multiplication and division products. Purchasing the bundle will save you $2 compared to buying each product individually!


FREE Key Words for Multiplication and Division

Teacher's Take-Out: Key Words for Word Problems-Freebie

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Division 1 Racing [Printable Math Game]

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This Division Interactive Notebook has thirteen different activities that help students to understand the foundations of division.

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Multiplication & Division Puzzles One of then center activities that review ALL of the third grade Common Core Standards for math ! $

educationjourney: Staying Afloat

FREEBIES - Division and Multiples Clip, Flip, Check Cards. Children clip the answers with a clothespin Then they flip the card over to check their answers! The kids love these flip cards!

Fun Games 4 Learning: Flip Math Cards Freebies

Are you teaching division to your students? Here is a great way to start teaching long division. This template works well for 2-digit by 1-digit division. I would recommend laminating it so that students can write on it with dry erase markers and do multiple problems on the same template. The steps for division are included in the corner as a reminder.

Math Division Problem Template

Teacher's Take-Out: Division Poster

Teacher's Take-Out: Division Poster

FREE Representing Division Worksheet

educationjourney: Representing Division

Materials: cards labeled with cookie scenarios sanitized egg carton, labeled as shown beans paper For this division-readiness center, a child draws a card and counts out beans to equal the total number of cookies. She divides the beans equally into egg carton cups to represent the number of friends. To learn how many cookies each friend gets, she counts the beans in one cup. Then she describes the scenario and her solution on her paper.

Common Core Connections eNewsletter: Free Grades 2-3 Ideas

These are some games I thought the kids could play to help with learning factors and divisibility rules. If you want the cards that go with the ga...

Factor and Divisibility games

Division Strategies Foldable $2.50. Students create a foldable to help them remember all the strategies they can use to solve division problems. Great for whole group or as a math center. Can be used for test prep.

Division Strategies Foldable

Teaching Division using Inverse Repeated addition and subtraction provided a great segway into inverse operations as students were able to make the connection between multiplication and division on their own. It is great when students can make these connections as you see the lightbulb switch in their head.

Miss A's Class Ideas: Teaching Division using Inverse

Miss A's Class Ideas: Division Strategies

Miss A's Class Ideas: Division Strategies


educationjourney: Adaptations and Division


educationjourney: Adaptations and Division


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Math Practice

educationjourney: Math Practice