Blonde and Cinnamon Balayage for Chocolate Brown Hair

Blonde and Cinnamon Balayage for Chocolate Brown Hair! I just love the color of the Cinnamon highlights with the Chocolate Hair!

A year or two ago, I would have seen a hairstyle like this and thought "I would never wear my hair like that." Now it's like, my favourite. The best way for me to get it right on my own hair is tons of dry shampoo for a nice gritty, dry texture at the roo

perfect ombre for brunettes

This is actually the best ombre out of all the ones I´ve pinned that I LOVE. It would really go with my natural hair color, and it would look so pretty.


Dark brown at the roots, and blond at the end, this is so pretty! love it

Balayage ombre

Summer ombré with dark roots. Yes please! Now to find Someone in Palm harbor/Clearwater to do this!