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    Terrific way to structure extended responses to reading-- great freebie!

    Teaching in Flip Flops: He Brought it Upon Himself to Visit...

    Pass the Plate Sight stops...go around and say sight word on your plate (could also do math facts)

    Fun in First Grade: Our Picnic Day

    vocab on the move - students have the word on their head and need to get clues from others to figure out their word.

    Managment Monday (Tuesday!) & other Randomness

    Dictionary Skills - this would be good for my third graders after the ELKS donate the dictionaries!

    Word of the Week Worksheet... - Google Drive

    Fluency Anchor Chart

    Top 10 Tips for Building Fluent Readers + Link Up!

    Fairytale Folktales, Fables Fairytales, Fables Folktales And Myths, Fairytales Literary, Myths And Legends Lessons, L9 Folktales, Fables Lessons

    Myths, Legends, Fables, Fairytales Literary Pages

    Sentence frames/starters to provide evidence and explanations. Image only

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    When students are in book buddies, here's some ideas for helping them discuss their books.

    » Reading 2C Deep Discoverers

    Let's Talk About Text! {A Freebie to Support Close Reading}

    Let's Talk About Text! {A Freebie to Support Close Reading}

    Super cute sight word game for kids. Find your sight word partner!

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    Make a bag full of vocabulary words, have students draw one, then spin this spinner and do the resulting activity. All kinds of word fun!

    E is for Explore!

    FREE Vocabulary Flip Book for Marzano’s Six Steps: Keep this flip book handy when planning vocabulary instruction! A few ideas for implementation are listed under each step. There is also space on each page for you to add your own notes and ideas. The flip book lists Marzano’s six steps in the order in which they should be taught. Download for free at Classroom Core's store!

    FREE Vocabulary Flip Book for Marzano’s Six Steps


    Think Mark Anchor Chart

    This poster shows the steps of how to solve a constructed response questions. It reminds students to RAPP by asking the questions below:Restate ...

    RAPP Constructed Response Strategy Poster

    PQA- a great strategy for teaching kids to write in complete sentences- perfect for test taking

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    three little pigs rhyming/making new words

    The Kinder Garden

    Reading Strategies Playbook

    Reading Strategies Playbook

    Vocab on the Move....during a unit review in reading we typically play this game. The students all have a sentence strip with a vocab word on it. They do not know what the word is though. They have to travel around the room to find a synonym, antonym, example, sentence, etc. The clues are used to determine the word on their heads.

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    3-2-1 ELA English Language Arts Reading Closure Activity - could be used for any 2nd language learning (translate and use for Spanish language building)

    3-2-1 Closure Activity - Printable Worksheet | Student Handouts

    3 Ways to Expand a Child's Vocabulary. Blog Post

    Cinnamon's Synonyms: 3 Ways to Expand a Child's Vocabulary

    The students read the passage independently, then travel around the classroom answering the questions on butcher paper. There can be 3-4 stations with each station asking a question about a story element (i.e. one on characters, one on setting etc). Each stations has enough squares for each student in the class to write their answer. The question can be posted on the butcher paper, or on the wall. Students must support their answer with evidence from the story.

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    Must have Cheer Cards for your Word Wall... Use to get your students motivated to learn the sight words! $

    Word Wall Cheer Cards

    Whole Brain Teaching Air Punctuation. This is really a neat way to get the student to think about the different things they need in their sentences. Wonderful for kinesthetic learners!

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    10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction~ Love the "do this-not that" format. Teachers who do more of "this" and less of "that," can feel good that they're headed in the right direction! Check out the original post @ www.eyeoneducatio...

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    Free RACE Poster (also in blue) for answering short answer questions completely.

    Citing Text Evidence Short Answer Strategy Poster: RACE