Dear Lilly you are my favorite!!

It was no kids

Riverdale cast

Riverdale Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart talking about Bughead ❤️

Riverdale>>> is bad that at this scene all I though of was shrek? <<< I did the same thing, don't worry<<< literally my first thought was 'ogres have layers'

I love Cole

God Cole is great

I legitimately screamed at this scene.

Riverdale sarcasm ~ Betty and jughead

Riverdale sarcasm ~ Betty and jughead 😂 expect for the fact the Mom would burst in to accuse him of murder

Betty and Jughead | Riverdale | Bughead | Instagram

eeeeeeek i cry invisible happy tears every time I seen them together

Stranger Things Eleven: Eggos and special lessons she learns from Mike and the boys

I think this was Scary Movie or Scary Movie 2

why am i laughing so hard his hat oh my god