Sweet Potato Hash (with Fried Eggs!) | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo sweet potato hash - great for breakfast or dinner. Do-able with a hand grater, but the food processor makes this a breeze. Nom Nom Paleo has a great photo display of this recipe coming together.

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chunk Muffins

These pumpkin spice chocolate chunk muffins are the best Fall dessert or breakfast item!

Blueberry Swirl Muffins

Blueberry Swirl Muffins

Nothing's worse than store-bought blueberry muffins with two blueberries burried somewhere in the pastry. For a true fruity dessert, check out these Blueberry Swirl Muffins by HonestlyYUM

Happy Halloween from Princess Emma | Cranberry Orange Scones | Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas

Jenny Steffens Hobick: Cranberry Orange Scones Note from Staci: These are really good except the cranberries are a super tart burst when you get one!

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake—where have you been all my life?!

14 Next-Level Coffee Cakes

Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake – all flavors you love, you’ll get here in every bite: moist and buttery cake, creamy cheesecake filling, juicy raspberries and crunchy streusel topping From: Vera Zec, please visit

Glazed Cranberry-Lemon Cake

Glazed Cranberry-Lemon Cake Fresh cranberries and bright lemon zest and juice add refreshing qualities to this butter-rich cake. As the cake bakes, the cranberries are transformed into a sweet-tart compote-like topping. A sim.

Brown Sugar-Cranberry Oat Muffins

These delicious brown sugar-cranberry oat muffins from Flour Bakery + Cafe in Boston bake up moist, with nicely rounded, golden-brown tops.

Roasted Broccolini, Bacon and Caramelized Shallot Quiche.

Roasted Broccolini, Bacon and Caramelized Shallot Quiche

Roasted Broccolini, Bacon and Caramelized Shallot Quiche. - How Sweet Eats

Make this chard breakfast skillet with egg, onion and tomato! The delicious recipe:  http://blog.womenshealthmag.com/dish/breakfast-recipe-chard-breakfast-skillet-with-egg-onion-and-tomato/?cm_mmc=Pinterest-_-WomensHealth-_-Content-Dish-_-BreakfastSkillet

Breakfast Recipe: Chard Breakfast Skillet with Egg, Onion, and Tomato

Breakfast Recipe: Chard Breakfast Skillet with Egg, Onion, and Tomato - I'll definitely be trying something similar to this, but I'll probably substitute spinach in place of the chard, and prepare the eggs differently.

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Cranberry Swirl Crumble Muffins