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Social Studies

Social Studies

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This critical-thinking activity asks students to determine who was responsible for the Holocaust and to what extent they are guilty of crimes against humanity, then create a circle graph in which they assign the person(s) responsible the percentage of responsibility they should bear for the Holocaust. Free.

Who Was Responsible for the Holocaust? (Common Core Aligned)

World War Two rationing lesson

This activity helps students to understand the context of the Holocaust and its impact. Students will work independently or in groups to read and respond to questions about a given article. They will then use the answers to discuss their reactions with each other. Students can pose questions to each other and to the teacher to further impact their learning. From By Kris K.

Team Building Activities for Teens

OMG, yes! Doesn't everything relate to Star Wars or Star Trek anyway? Learn Roman history along with the Enterprise with Star Trek history lesson plans and more..

Fabulous projects to get kids hooked on social studies

Engage your students with labs that immerse them in history!!!

Geography frequently takes a back seat to history in the social studies classroom, but teaching geographic literacy is essential if students are going to understand the challenges and opportunities of our complex world. Important to remember.

All Over the Map: 10 Ways to Teach About Geography

This looks like so much fun! | Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Printable Underground Railroad Quilt Code Game

I first found Notebooking Nook because of these pages. We were using Mystery of History Volume 1 and these fit perfectly. Freebies: Ancient History Notebooking Pages & Activity Pages That has been many years ago, and I still return for great things to use with our studies.

Freebies - Organized by Subject/Topic

Looking for activities to teach Colonial America? Here are a bunch of ideas in one classroom! (pic heavy!)

Teaching in Room 6: A Tour of My "Colony" {Classroom Tour}

Social Studies Ideas for Elementary Teachers: Grading Interactive Notebooks...Grading notebooks can be a real challenge, the ideas here not only help teachers grade a notebook, but help students think through what they are learning.

using movies to teach history

Using Movies to Teach History - Bright Ideas Press

Learn how to use inquiry circles in Social Studies class. Great for reviewing topics, and teaching the Common Core.

These 37 FREE identity cards are designed to help students make personal connections with the victims of the Holocaust, and could be used before a novel study or a history lesson.

high school government notebook pages

Notebooking for High Schoolers

NPR creates an amazing re-enactment of the British Burning Washington, 1814 | So interesting to hear how journalists would have reported the drama

BREAKING: British Burn Washington ... 2 Centuries Ago

I project this slide for the class to view what the Civil War Stations are. There is another file to download that describes the stations in detail.

Civil War Stations Anchor Chart

Foldables in social studies - The "Secret Door" foldable.

Runde's Room: Folding in Social Studies

Westward Expansion accordion book/notes - Create something like this for each of the events.

Student Interactive Notebook: Unit 5 Activities

Video progression of the building of Versailles

The American Revolution interactive website

With the "Les Mis" movie becoming so popular, students will enjoy learning about the French Revolution with these lesson ideas!

The French Revolution

Tons of great free printables and mini books for world and US History

History | Practical Pages

The 13 Colonies of America: Clickable Map that you can click and gives you a little bit about each colony

The 13 Colonies of America: Clickable Map

Mrs. Mooney's Teaching World: Primary vs. Secondary Source Museum Hunt

Loyalist vs Patriots Group Opinion Writing Activity.