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Reading At Home - Tips For Parents This is perfect for sending home with our students! Parents would appreciate some guidelines when helping their children with their reading homework. This printable includes tips for : - integrating reading in our daily family activities - choosing appropriate books - tips for helping beginning readers - practicing fluency & developing comprehension skills!

Have a "book-nic" instead of a picnic at the end of the year! Serve foods that go along with certain Children's books.

Tournament of Kids Books-- To celebrate March Madness, 16 favorite kids books face off bracket style.

Love the ideas this teacher has for Accelerated Reader. I know some schools have their own prizes, but if they don't... these are great!

first grade teacher's website...she does whole brain teaching (i would like to incorporate some of this!)

writing for all age levels.....Whole Brain Teaching: Amazing Kindergarten Writing! - YouTube

Whole Brain Teaching Equivalent Fractions

whole brain teaching - first grade class Ms. Freundlich is amazing-- parent letter on whole brain teaching. Whole brain broken down into the subjects.

Watch veteran Whole Brain Teacher Andrea Schindler demonstrate a variety of lively teaching techniques while reviewing classroom rules. For 100s of pages of free downloads, go to WholeBrainTeachin...

Education to the Core: Bright Ideas: Integrating Writer's Workshop Into Your Reading Block.

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities | Mama Miss love the idea of using pasta shapes to illustrate life cycle. Must use with marshmallow life cycle idea to get kids to remember the stages.

Put a different colored dot on each desk in a group. When you need to have one student from each table do something, you can just simply say "Green dots, come get the papers for your table." or "Orange dots, take your table's trash to the trashcan."

Great idea for a geometry lesson! Students must create a portrait of an alien using the specified shapes. Be sure to check out the student examples in this post.

As a kinder and 1st project we read the book The Dot. A cute story about a little girl who discovers art through a simple series of dot paintings. The students were able to paint their own dot, or not-a-dot, with watercolors. This was a nice simple opportunity for students to use paints and learn the expectations for using watercolors. Ask them why brushes don't like bad hair days!

Opinion Writing in Kindergarten: Dr. Clements' Kindergarten: Student opinion writing samples

Pep talk to the teacher: Best ever teacher mug

Solid Shapes & Geome "Trees" (from First Grade Wow

True education requires critical thinking skills.

1st grade math worksheets slide show - Worksheets and Activities - Fractions: 1/2 and 1/4 | GreatSchools

Sight word "hockey" - read the word and take a chance at a goal with a flick of the finger. Fine motor challenge for some of my kiddos so an added benefit.

Time to Reorganize: Tips From Two Teachers -- Come get inspired to reorganize your space!