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Ha! Much more likely for me to have my third graders create a bunny like this one! :)


The Art Teacher's Closet

- a mosaic tile craft - my K kids may be able to do a modified version of this craft - draw a flower shape with stem and leaves, mark the border - use tiles to fill in the general areas drawn - set for a day or so and then use grout material to fill it in - finish with a coating like "Fiinal Coat" .....

Clay Tile Mosaic Craft | Kids' Crafts |

from Princess Pinky Girl

Non-Candy Valentine's Day Class Gift Ideas

Such a fun gift to welcome students! Each student could have the same colored bracelet, or even grade, and then they would know their classroom community!

Non-Candy Valentine's Day Class Gift Ideas - Princess Pinky Girl

Neat science experiments for kids. We may try some of these at home!

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from Apartment Therapy

Celebrate May Day: 10 DIY May Baskets

this apartment therapy post has really fun ideas for may day flowers - we grew up making these bouquets, leaving them on neighbors' doorsteps, ringing the bell, and hiding to see their reactions. My daughter and I did this when she was younger. Not as much fun without kids but it makes you feel like a kid.

Celebrate May Day: 10 DIY May Baskets

Make this kids craft by recycling a toilet paper roll! This spring flower could be a good craft for Mother's Day as well!

Toilet Roll SPRING FLOWER | krokotak

from I Can Teach My Child!

Fireworks in a Jar

Fireworks in a jar! Great craft/activity for younger kids this Fourth of July, or for families in states where fireworks may be illegal or hard to see. Independence Day fun, coming right up!

Fireworks in a Jar - I Can Teach My Child!

May Day baskets ...another easy and cute May Day idea...would make a cone paper basket instead tho to save cost and make easier for kids to do!

Secrets of a Super Mommy: May Day Baskets for Friends!

Origami , is a fascination for young and old, why not bake something fun, while its cooking have fun doing some Origami crafts then enjoy your creativeness together! Make some new memories this Christmas break!

Fun and Easy Origami | Create | Spoonful