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Easy DIY front door hanger- ornaments attached to a cardboard box letter. Cute for Christmas or could do for another occasion.

One of Pixar’s darkest jokes…

One of Pixar’s darkest jokes…

Actually it's in toy story toons partysaurus Rex lol but same idea One of Pixar’s darkest jokes // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -


Mike Wazowski finally gets popular…

A box of Monsters University cookies has a sticker over the face of Mike Wazowski, mirroring a running gag in the original 'Monsters, Inc. I'M DYING. JUST YES.

Hunger Games

Harry Potter fans - "I wanna go to Hogwarts!" Percy Jackson fans - "I wanna go to The Halfblood Camp!" Narnia fans - "I wanna go to Narnia!" Hunger Games fans - "I'm ok".

And that is why Aladdin is the greatest movie ever.

That moment when your teacher says "the missing nose of the sphinx is a mystery" and you know exactly what happened (Aladdin)

new disney movie!  see link


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