GOOSE EGG: Who is this? "Top-Gun" Bucket Baby with a touch of Amelia Earhart? I just don't understand .

Loki, God of Mischief....OMG this is hilarious

Loki, God of Mischief

Funny pictures about Tom is the man. Oh, and cool pics about Tom is the man. Also, Tom is the man.

batman and superman

DIY Cupcake Holders

Both Batman and Spiderman are real as you can see but Spiderman is the one who needs help getting over the wall. Batman will just jump over. Yours truly, Batman lovers/ smart people

so good as in good sunglasses tumblr_mf40mvAeE11s0srw8o1_500

It would be cool to take a picture like this with the sun rising at he beginning of summer. And then he sun high up in the sky in the middle of summer. And then the sun setting at the end of summer :).

Everyone needs a friend like that

Funny pictures about Wingman of the year. Oh, and cool pics about Wingman of the year. Also, Wingman of the year photos.

Old School stylish P-51 Cavalier Mustang #mustang #stylish #BlackAndWhite

P-51 Cavalier Mustang With Supermarine

Vintage Aviation Pilot Sign.....saluting goodbye before hopping on her plane

Next to being an aerospace engineer, I want to build my own plane and be my own pilot.

Come fly with me!

I will have a picture like this one day! Life of a Flight Attendant