Tulip 'Ice Cream' - Bulb Tulipa New! This magnificent tulip definitely lives up to its name, as when in bloom it looks just like a delicious ice-cream - it looks almost good enough to eat. How Beautiful!

Smoke Bush (cotinus coggygria) Royal Purple - Trees and Shrubs - Gardening - Suttons Seeds and Plants

Asarum canadense, Wild Ginger, is an excellent native groundcover for shade gardens that keeps its foliage throughout the season, making it a good species to plant with spring ephemerals.

Alpinia zerumbet variegated 'Variegated Shell Ginger I have one of these again this year, they make stunning potted plants on the deck. Love their variegated leaves. They have the potential of getting quite large in a season depending on size of pot.

Aspidistra elatior 'Cast Iron Plant' - evergreen, drought tolerant, full shade to part shade, cold hardy to zone great for any soil and does well in containers

Have been coveting my neighbor's green shell ginger and he dug some up for me today! Light shade, feet tall, cold hardy in zone Gorgeous!

Dryopteris intermedia (Common Wood Fern) - One of the largest native ferns that are evergreen everywhere in New England. Like all ferns they prefer organic-rich soil in some shade. This species grows about tall and looks very tropical.

tropical look Cordyline fruticosa Bangkok Rainbow