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Nicole Murphy
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scavenger hunt | Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

My kids love to be outside, so I thought it'd be fun to have them do an Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt. I thought of a list of 17 thin.

If we could get mala-chi to let us do this with tha youth this life would be complete!

one person puts shaving cream (or whip cream) on their face, people have to throw cheese balls at them and try get them to stick. could be played in teams. Team with the most cheese balls wins. Minute to win it


Colorful Irish Dance Solo Dress by Celtic Star<Generally I don't like this sort of design but this is really pretty!

Irish Dancing Dress

Black, white and gold Irish dance solo dress. The tiny sparkles here and there add a touch of refined elegance.

Celtic Star 2014 Irish Dance Solo Dress Costume

Celtic Star Irish Dancing Solo Dress - beautiful black dress with gold embellishments❤️