Lanvin WIndow Display - what a creative way to display shoes and a bracelet. The "female" is just and arm and 2 legs - no body! We have mannequin limbs for sale at

Dirty & Fabulous Valentine Window Display (budget friendly too) -

LANVIN SHOE DISPLAY : dirty and fabulous window on madison ave - shoes are the windows to your sole -

PHOTO BACKDROP Using only scissors/exacto knives, and adhesives, kids could design and build a habitat that encompasses their "personification" or a (habitatification) of their ongoings of their thoughts/imagination/ideas.

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I love artistic window displays, I saw some really nice ones in Spain.  Rodeo Drive had a cool one too of a gal on a motorcycle- it was the helmet that had me drawn, it was futuristic.

Unique Magical Holiday Christmas Windows

The World’s Fashion Windows, Online in Real-Time · Lanvin, Paris, November 2012 I like how they hung the frames from the ceiling