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Church Carnival Ideas

Put numbers, 1,2,3,4 & 5 on the bowls, indicating how many pieces of candy they win.

DIY Prize Wheel Tutorial by Doodle Craft!

Have everyone who is playing gets in a big circle, one player gets the tape ball and the player in front of them a pair of dice. The player with the ball removes tape as fast as they can and anything they dislodge is theirs to keep. The player with the dice is trying to roll doubles as quickly as they can so they get a turn. As soon as they get doubles they pass the dice to the person next to them...

S’mores on a Stick! Marshmallows on a stick, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in crushed grahams

Game prizes...Very cute and keeps the kids from rummaging forever for a prize.

Conk the Crow - love it!

Dice Game - 3 of a kind - small prize 4 of a kind - medium prize 5 of a kind - large prize

Penny Drop - note to self - this year, do NOT try to retrieve pennies each time - too wet and messy!

Sticky Darts - Use "sticky" toys to hit targets

Bullseye Game - Use Nerf Guns or velcro darts

Shooting Ducks - this would be good to use with Nerf guns

Hoopla - Use stuffed animals, or pumpkins or balls as the center of game and as prizes