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Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade Knives

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Buck Hood Hoodlum Review

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Buck Smidgen Review

Buck Smidgen Review

The original Ka-Bar Warthog was an excellent folding knife that was perfect for a camping trip or work site. Capitalizing on it’s success Ka-bar introduced a the Heavy Duty Warthog; a large fixed blade knife intended as a heavy cutting tool. While I was a fan of the original Warthog, the Heavy Duty Warthog has design problems that limit it’s usefulness

Knives of Alaska is a smaller manufacturer specializing in outdoor knives. While many people may not be familiar with the company, they are one of my favorites and are one of the only manufacturers that I’ve never gotten a bad knife from. Today we’ll be looking at their Bush Camp knife; a large fixed blade bushcraft and survival knife.

When you look at the name of this knife you might be a little confused as to why it is being called the Buck TOPS CSAR-T. The reason for the joint name is due to the collaboration of Buck knives and TOPS Knives to create one of the meanest tactical/survival knives on the planet. Primarily designed for those who serve and protect, the CSAR-T is a great knife for anyone. Just a few general words on this knife before we get to the meat and potatoes; CSAR-T stands for Combat Search and Rescue Tool w

Starting in WWII, KaBar has been the leading supplier of combat and survival knives for our troops, providing the Navy, Army, and Marines with tough fixed blades that could tackle whatever challenge the troops needed them to face. Of there different models, the KaBar USMC Fighting/Utility knife has been a favorite among enlisted and civilians thanks to its rugged nature and ability to withstand brutal environments. I recently replaced my original issue and to be honest with you; I love my new on

Cold Steel has some stiff competition in the booming hunting knife industry, but their Master Hunter still stands as one of the leaders in the field. Many consider it the best big game hunting knife on the market, but it also is adept as a survival knife. There are a few requirements a knife must meet to be eligible for my hunting pack and I typically don’t test my knives on anything but their intended tasks. First and foremost, I need my hunting knife to be between 4 and 6 inches and made from

Cold Steel Recon Scout 13RTSM Review

Based off looks alone, you can tell that the Cold Steel Kobun has some deep roots in Japanese culture. In fact, “Kobun” actually means “soldier” in Japanese so it would only be fitting for this knife to be a self-defense or tactical tool. The Kobun is a really light and easily concealable knife that serves as a boot EDC/tactical blade. It’s pared down in comparison to others with a thin profile, but that gives it a sense of agility that larger, thicker knives lack.

Spyderco Street Beat Review

At first glance you might mistake the KaBar D2 Extreme for the KaBar USMC Fighting knife but don’t be fooled, they are completely different knives. While the designs are the same, there are a lot of things that really set them apart. Both the KaBar D2 Extreme and the USMC are great knives, but if I were to faced with making the choice between the two I would definitely go for the D2 Extreme. It blows most knives out of the water when it comes to the destruction tests and I would venture to say i

The Trail Master is one of the flagship knives from Cold Steel, as it is one of their longest running knives to date. It is a beast of a knife that is capable of fulfilling almost any role and completing any task be it survival, tactical, or EDC. Cold Steel has engineered this knife to do serious work in an easily maintainable form. This bowie style knife compliments my collection, bringing great value to the table (and I can say I am not the only one who feels this way). The Cold Steel Trail Ma

Bear Grylls, star of the hit television show Man vs. Wild, has become a sort of cultural icon. Capitalizing on this success, Gerber has teamed up with Bear Grylls to introduce a new line of survival knives. They’ve been a hit, and I decided to take a look at the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife. With a name like that it’s got to be good knife, right…? Wrong. The Ultimate Survival Knife is a complete piece of garbage. It’s over priced and the quality would be disappointing in a bargain bin kni

SOG Fusion Jungle Primitive

I purchased a Pendleton Hunter about a year ago, but never got around to writing a review of it. It’s been a while since I reviewed a hunting knife, so the Pendleton’s time has come. The Pendleton Hunter was designed by Cold Steel as a reproduction of custom maker Lloyd Pendleton’s Drop Point Hunter. It has a short sturdy blade that you will open up any game and a contoured handle that provides a solid grip while you work. A Secure-Ex sheath is included and provides a carry system that won’t rot

When most people think of a knife, they think of a traditional blade with a single point, but not Jon and Josh Graham. In 2001, the Graham brothers, of Graham Knives, developed a cross between a razor and a chisel and a blade that featured 2 points. CRKT followed up on the Grahams’ design and put the Graham Razel into production. The knife really has everything: a bottle opener, a glass breaker, and 3 edges to use in a variety of applications.

If you have ever seen Kiss the Girls the you have seen a SOG Pentagon whether you realize it or not; the serial killer in that gory and gruesome tale wields the knife throughout the movie. One would assume, due to the nature of the film that the SOG Pentagon is a mean tactical knife. That assumption is 100% correct.

The KaBar Full Size fighting/Utility knife is a legend among tactical and fighting knives. Made in the USA, the KaBar 1211 is one of the most recognized knives in the world and is still in production today. The original generation of the KaBar Fighting/Utility knives were used starting in WWI and have been standard pieces of equipment used by nearly all branches of the military, since.

The Schrade 160OT Mountain Lion is an excellent medium sized hunting knife. I really like all the Schrade Old Timers, they have a classic look to them that you just don't find with a lot of knives these days. This isn't a high dollar collectors item. It's an affordable, tough working knife that's meant to be used in the field.