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Basically, every knife thrower wants his own special throwing knife. That's why there's so many types of throwing knives out there. Just remember: The more…
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several knives are laying on top of each other in the middle of a circle with forks sticking out of them
A lot of Faka throwing knives
Got a new shipment of Faka throwing knives. Had some fun arranging them stylishly for looks. Enjoy. #throwingknives #knifethrowing
there are three yellow hammers on the side of a building that says they are great and throw nice
Fiberglass handles for your throwing axes
Tired of constantly breaking the handles on your throwing axes? People are rather happy with these fiberglass handles for their axes. #axethrowing
From 20 years experience of throwing knives, this is my summary what the perfect throwing knife should look like. You can tell I don't like fancy designs :-) Inspiration, Handle, Weight, In A Nutshell, Make Your
In a nutshell: The perfect Throwing knife
From 20 years experience of throwing knives, this is my summary what the perfect throwing knife should look like. You can tell I don't like fancy designs :-)
an article in german describing the different types of knifes used for carving and sharpening
Solingen collection of throwing knives
Personal collection of renowed knife throwing author Dieter Führer, featuring throwing knives as produced in Solingen, Germany, during the 1950s and 1960s. #Solingen #Wurfmesser #ThrowingKnives
Plenty of throwing knives reviewed. Portraits, Knife Collection, Expert
Throwing Knife Reviews galore
Find your perfect throwing knife by scrolling this huge collection of throwing knife reviews #ThrowingKnife #KnifeThrowing #KnifeLife
three knives sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to each other with holes in them
Farrier file knife
a large knife on a white background with no one in it's place to see the image
Handpicked and Throw-Tested
Remember the Faka? Looks like a prototypical knife, but is a hefty and sturdy throwing knife. My favourite for daily throwing sessions. #throwingknife #knifethrowing #dalmomariano
a knife that is on top of a piece of wood
Handpicked and Throw-Tested
This "gyro" throwing knife will always stick. Why? Because it flies without rotation, the tip always facing the target. But how? See the hole? That's where your index finger goes, you throw it like a mini spear. #knifethrowing #throwingknives #nospin
a knife is stuck in the side of a piece of wood
Handpicked and Throw-Tested
Foldable throwing knife! I can keep that in my pocket and have fun throwing once I walk buy a suitable wooden target. #throwingknives #knifethrowing #fun
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a wooden table with holes in the blades
Werner Lengmüller, Regensburg
a knife and sheath sitting on top of a piece of wood next to each other
Bailiff Duel
Bailiff throwing knife. The kydex sheath is already prepared to be belt-mounted for the fast-draw duel cup. #throwingknife
a knife that is sitting on top of a white table with a black handle and two holes in the blade
Throwing Knife from From Russia With Love.
three knives are hanging on the side of a wooden post in front of a grassy area
Self Made Throwing Knives
Those #throwingknives share a common ancestor: the McEvoy BowieAxe from the 1960s. From top to bottom: CS Perfect Balance, CS Sport Thrower (beware: cheaply made), Grafknives Personal.
the parts of a knife are labeled in this diagram
Throwing Knives Handbook - Understand your Throwing Knives
Throwing Knives Knowledge: Dive deep into different aspects of a throwing knife, such as (less important) center-of-gravity and (very important) tip design. #throwingknives
four pictures show how to make a barbed wire cake
Throwing weapons 3 by Astalo on DeviantArt
Historical throwing weapons interpreted by Finnish smith Mikko Anttonen. I like the various bo shuriken!