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NSFW since 1969.

picture frame mason jar: fill mason jar with olive oil and insert picture.--- bwuh??

How to captivate a man, and make him fall in love, by me: Be a real person with real interests who is also interested in real people with real interests and stop reading and believing crap like this.

When I was a newcomer to the SCA, this was my King and Queen. Darius and Morgaine. Romano-British lovelyness. Oh yes, they were very very inspiring!

Mid to late 15th century French couple

Wow well said.

I do this. Sometimes without realizing it.

Summer road trip! 37936 Wells Line Road, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Hyperspace Bypass - aaaah YES.

Females of this unusual octopus species sequester themselves in thin, translucent shells with which they drift across the open seas. Paper nautiluses, also called argonauts, secrete the shells to serve as cases for their eggs—but it has recently been discovered that they also function as air-trapping ballast tanks, which allow the cephalopods to hang effortlessly in the water column without sinking. This is the only species known to use surface air bubbles to effectively control the animals' buoyancy.