31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money!

20 Ways To Use Your Freezer To Save Time And Money

OMG u can freeze milk! 31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money! - This is freakin' genius.so much food wasted before!

How to make frosting colors with a regular box of food coloring: How awesome is this chart.

Frosting Color Chart - Make all these colors with a standard box of red, green, yellow, and blue food coloring! Add the designated number of drops of food color to 1 cup of white frosting. More colors combos here at annanadblue.

Brownies with pretzel crust. Salty and sweet!

Brownies with pretzel crust. This recipe also has a buttercream frosting, but I find it unnecessary. I like the idea of just making the brownies a little less "ordinary" with the pretzel crust. I also just like the salty & sweet!

BAKING TRICK ~ When you need softened butter - grate the butter while it is still hard, then mix with other ingredients as normal. It will soften quickly  and perfectly and give an even dispersal of butter throughout the dough.

Peanut butter & pecan cookie sandwiches

NEW BAKING TRICK / / For softened butter: grate butter while it is still hard, then mix with other ingredients as normal. It will soften quickly and mix evenly throughout the dough.

22 slimming snack combos that actually make you full....interesting concept...

20 400-Calorie Snacks That Won't Wreck Your Diet

21 side dishes without pasta, rice, or potatoes

Veg Out: Vegetable Side Dishes

Veg Out: Vegetable Side Dishes; 20 healthy side dish recipes recipes to help add more veggies to your meals. first one "herbed corn edamame" looks best

I hated wasting cilantro that had turned mushy, so I experimented with three different ways to keep this herb garden fresh for weeks. Here’s what I found works best.

A simple method for keeping Cilantro fresh longer ! Place in a small jar of water, covered with a plastic sandwich bag & place in refrigerator ! Remains fresh for just over 4 weeks !

16 Foods That'll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps

16 Foods That’ll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps!I'm pinning for the celery flower idea.

conversion chart for using greek yogurt in place of other dairy products/ oils


Chobani Conversion Chart_Substitute Greek Yogurt for butter, oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese and buttermilk!

50 Awesome Pre & Post-Workout Snacks - would be a good idea to post this list on fridge

50 Snacks to Eat Before or After Your Workout

How did I NOT know this? Never boil corn again!  Want to know the easiest way to cook corn on the cob? Throw it in the oven at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Thats it. Leave the husk on, it will trap in the moisture, leaving you with juicy, tender corn. The husk and silk will peel away easily once its cooked. Cut off the large end and it slides right out with no silk.

Roasted Corn on the Cob

Never boil corn again/easiest way to cook corn/Throw in oven at for minutes/Leave husk on/trap in moisture/juicy, tender corn/husk and silk peel away easily/Cut off large end and it slides out with no silk.

Conversion Chart: Butter to Olive Oil

healthy dessert recipes for kids, easy pudding dessert recipes, ethiopian dessert recipes - Conversion Chart: Butter to Olive Oil

10 Tummy Tightening Foods! Getting ready for summer, ladies? This is the article for you!!!

Stock Up on These 10 Tummy-Tightening Foods

Skinny Mom put together a list of the top 10 Tummy Tightening Foods! I'm eating 9 of the 10 foods! Come on belly- tighten up!

Top 10 Fall & Winter Soups for the crockpot

Craft-O-Maniac: Top 10 Fall Winter Soups~T~Make in the slow cooker. You can make some for dinner and freeze some for another night.

Cake Mix Waffles - make the cake batter as instructed on the box then make them just like you do waffles. Top with your favorite ice cream!.

I MUST go buy a waffle maker! Cake Mix Waffles Mix, Cook in Waffle Iron. Top with Ice Cream, use for Strawberry Shortcake, -Great idea for Birthday Waffles! A treat for breakfast or snack. Could use cake mix and tint colors for themes.

baking pan conversion chart | oven lovin'

cooking conversion chart 95 best Baking Conversions Chart: Free Printables images on .