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Culinary Intelligence

In Culinary Intelligence, Peter Kaminsky, a formerly overweight veteran food writer, tells how he lost 35 pounds and kept them off by thinking more—not less—about food. He shows us how to eat in a healthy way without sacrificing any of the fun and pleasure in food, just like many of the recipes on this board.

Culinary Intelligence

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"I find that a two-inch square of Scharffen Berger 70% gets my taste buds firing in a way that a whole Hershey Bar never does." —Peter Kaminsky, Culinary Intelligence

Author Peter Kaminsky chats about his latest book, "Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (And Really Well)"

Peter Kaminsky's latest book, "Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (And Really Well)"

mole negro: when you pour it over chicken or turkey, you experience layer upon layer of taste.

A week in the eating life of Peter Kaminsky (from Grub Street)

What's doesn't taste good with a dollop of Romesco Sauce?

A interview with Culinary Intelligence author Peter Kaminsky

The Atlantic shares Peter Kaminsky's three commonsense pillars of culinary intelligence

The Author Peter Kaminsky on How to Eat Wisely -

The updated cover of CULINARY INTELLIGENCE, featuring a quote by the creator of the South Beach Diet!

Culinary Intelligence is on the Food & Wine reading list!

Food & Wine Reading List

A little bit of beer can be a smart decision: the bitterness of an IPA clears your palate and readies you for the next bite. Without this clearing effect, your palate becomes dulled and each successive mouthful brings less of a flavor reward (so you keeping eating, perhaps more than you intended!).

What Food Goes Best with IPA? | Serious Eats: Drinks
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    Liz Lesnick

    This bit of advice will make my husband so happy!

Never throw delicious leftovers out. They are often the basis of wonderful serendipitous meals.

Argentine beef is free-ranged on grass. It has deep, wild flavor. Which means you don't need to smother the beef in high-cal, high-salt, high-fat, high-sugar sauce.

Make the switch to whole grain breads with this tasty breakfast idea.

Keep what's inside the sandwich fresh and interesting, and you won't need to plow through a footlong.

Our Favorite Sandwiches - Whole Living Eat Well

Homemade refried beans – way more flavorful than the paste you're used to seeing

Make spice kits for faster, more flavorful cooking

Make “Spice Kits” for Faster, More Flavorful Cooking

Your go-to snack: spiced nuts and seeds.

Behold: the flavor power of preserved lemons!

On May 1st, read the book that'll teach you how to be satisfied with smaller portions while still enjoying one of life's great pleasures.

A recent revelation: pasta doesn't require cheese to taste good. Sometimes red peppers flakes, olive oil, and garlic will do the trick.

A quick way to add a lot of flavor in the amount of time it takes to pull a square of frozen garlic and onion puree out of the freezer.

Frozen Garlic and Onion Puree | Vegetarian Perspective