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For cute kittens, follow Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe.

i-justreally-like-cats-okay: "I wear a Bow Tie now 'cos I am a 'big' kitty! Bow Ties are cool." Yes they are and you look handsome wearing it.

23. My mani inspiration. How great is this twist on the classic french manicure? Swap the neon yellow for a port shade for a classic fall look. #MyDayInStitchFix

Gray Nail Polish with Neon Yellow Tips Hey! Who knew that you could spice up gray so nicely! Gray is boring right guys? But it doesn't have to be! This proves that gray can also be a fun polish col.

le spose di Giò ~ Italy

I immediately thought of my bff when I saw this. She would look so beautiful in this dress. Love the sheer sleeve top over the strapless gown, it gives the dress a really elegant vintage feel, and the floaty chiffon fabric.