I miss them a lot! Dance Moms isn't the same!!!!

I don't believe there will be a season of Dance Moms without the Hyland's.

Brooke and her friend are perf✌...

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Brooke with her friends

Brooke) hey guys guess what? PROM IS NEXT SATURDAY! Ask anyone out you don't have to have a date comment if your coming and post your dress it's at Please make your dress short not long it's going to be held at my house!

Brooke Marie Hyland

(Face Claim:Brooke Hyland) Hi! Im Brooke Im 17 years old and i love Dancing and singing. I have a sister named Tony and i love her to pieces!

Brooke and Paige

Brooke) *sings warrior* a little girl grew up too fast my armor is made of steel you can't get in and you can never hurt me again


Brooke) Still single. I really hope that Mason gives me a second chance. I really love him and at this point. *starts to cry* I would do anything to make mason happy.