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Small Modern Swimming Pool

Modern Pool Design Ideas, Contemporary White Chair, Wooden Floor And Trees For Modern Small Swimming Pool Design How to Apply Modern Small Swimming Pool Design in Your Backyard?

This swimming pool with a see through wall is pretty cool!

have to change stone and design but like see thru part!This is a very cool pool/waterfall setup. Something like this, with the neat underwater visibility, would probably be exceptionally cool in a koi pond.

Yes please---- natural swimming pool really lovely (whitout chemical products)

natural swimming pool really lovely. idk how the plants deal with the pool water chemicals, but it sure does look pretty.


Love the hedge/tree combo. Lovely Lap Pool Width Ideas in Pool Traditional design ideas with basalt courtyard formal gardens hedge hedge wall

How cool is that! I love the sound of water/waterfall/rain. I would love a water fountain as headboard! In a tropical forest/green theme! I can hear it now

The indoor glass waterfall is a modern take on having a water feature in the house. Many Middle Eastern homes feature the soothing sounds of water in their dwellings.