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Yeah I've got enough voices in my head telling me I'm terrible without the Internet helping.


I want to see more of this! More comic art feminist power statements! << same I want to see one for guys as well though they go through equal pressure to be manly it's as if society doesn't want anyone to be themselves


I am a depressed comedian and my best friend is an introverted theatre kid!

Evan Peters

annettefanzhu: “ I feel this looks more like the love child of Edmund Pevensie and Jojen Reed than Evan Peters _(:з」∠)_ ref ”

Character inspiration

charliebowater: A little something to make sure I can still paint after my week off! I read ‘Not a Drop to Drink’ whilst I was away. I loved it and this is very much inspired by Lynn. A couple of hours in PS 🙂 View Original Source Here

harry potter - slytherins

I'm a Slytherin and it's little things like this that make me feel more wanted and belonged in my house. >> yeah, it does. With all the hate we get from other people, it kinda hard to accept your house wholly