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hadas fairies ~☆~ Not big on the garments design, but the wings' shape and colorfulness do a lot for imagination.

Fairy Tale and Fantasy Illustrations by David Revoy tribal girl warrior nature child fantasy illustration fairy tale wings design painting art

ea-solinas: Gloria Scholik ~Glorious Queen of the Enchanted Forest

A beautiful collection of fantasy art images, originally found for use as desktop wallpaper, and collected from the public domain. This is one of several fantasy art gallery pages on this site with fairies, unicorns and lots, lots more.

This is so ethereal and beautiful.I see the fairies in the Stone Dragon Saga sized almost like humans, especially in height. With Wings they tuck under clothing, but with this type of beauty shining through.

Tryphosa the fairy has played guardian of sorts today.I fear darkness breaking through the light.

Elves drawn by a French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Monge. Elves drawn by a French illustrator Jean-Baptiste Monge.


Elves Faeries Gnomes: Dandelion granddaughter loves to blow the seeds from dandelion.