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Photo collection of celebrity Kat Von D, one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Kat started her TV career in 2005 as a star of "Miami Ink." She went (Page

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill- All time favorite TV Series. I have watched all the seasons 3 times and might start on number


Girl tip Thats why I dont text guys first. I dont want to interrupt them lol

funny shit.

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Funny pictures about You said long story short. Oh, and cool pics about You said long story short. Also, You said long story short.

Could that be worded any better?

Country music: Because I'd rather listen to songs about dogs and trucks than bitches and hos.

Hide and Seek Kitten

Kitty Cat Hide and Seek Level Creepy ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures fails meme humor - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh


Cant be furthur from the truth! and then the friend is really the hoe in the relationship


I hate when teachers call on the only people that aren't raising their hands! I didn't raise my hand for a reason! I even make that same face lol