The Three Branches of Government- 3rd Grade More

I would read, "What Are the Branches of Government?" by, Jennifer Boothroyd TOPIC: Roles and Systems of Government CONTENT STATEMENT: Governments have authority to make and enforce laws.

Our 4th grade class could create our own "Bill of Rights" while we study the real thing during Celebrate Freedom Week.

Classroom Bill of Rights. I would use this after discussing the Bill of Rights and once the students have an understanding of what the Bill of Rights were and and types of issues they covered we would then be able create our own Classroom Bill of Rights.

Geography longitude latitude anchor chart

Geography longitude latitude anchor chart is a great way for students to visualize how latitude and longitude relate to earth.

Here's a nice anchor chart on branches state of government. (This is example is for South Carolina, but this model will work for most states.)

Parts of a Plant and Plant Life Cycle

Landforms and Bodies of Water Anchor Chart for Kindergarten

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