Classified under "Gaming OMG":  Zelda ‘Ocarina of Time’ Sage engagement rings!| Rauru, Saria, Daruni, Princess, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru | (made on by steel candy)

Zelda ‘Ocarina of Time’ Sage Temple Medallion Engagement Rings. I'm suffocating on this majesty!

Love these Legend of Zelda designs/symbols

Legend of Zelda designs/symbols each one except the middle one represents a different game, can you find out which one each game is?

Zelda through the Years. They forgot one who hears "Well excussse me princess" all the time.

Twilight Princess Zelda is so beautiful. She will always be my favorite, even the the OoT/MM Zelda is more nostalgic.

ha ha Legend of Zelda... the only nintendo game I know how to play

Triforce Walkway - play Zelda's Lullabye to enter. (Nerd level: Homeowner) I want to make a door mat like this!

A Terrible Fate by on @DeviantArt

mei-xing: “Wanted to post the next Zelda U painting but Majora’s Mask comes out today/tomorrow and I wanted to paint something for it. So I did this last night in one sitting. Tried going for a more.

would be a beautiful print in my house! would like it better if he had his deku sheild and wooden sword instead lol

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Adult Link and Navi / Legend of Zelda: Hero of time by iliasPatlis on deviantART