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Le bois flotté en déco - 52 idées originales

floor lamp design idea

Babele Lamp by Lapo Germasi, Gregorio Fracassi, Victor Pukhov, Francesco Massimello: Is it a lamp? Is it a toy?


Five Things to Completely Blow Out of Proportion (and Love While Doing It)

LOVE the lighting idea

The Blocks by Studio Toogood

Lightings connected to tables The Blocks by Studio Toogood. The concept of the frames that hold the light fixtures over the tables can be recreated for a thematic event as the lights could be battery operated.great inspiring design that is Edgy .

wire shade light

UK-based designer Marc Trotereau has created the WireShade lighting collection. According to the designer, "The wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of the lampshade

huge pendants

Pohutukawa Casa de praia por Herbst Architects, Auckland, Nova Zelândia I I.Pohutukawa Beach House by Herbst Architects, Auckland, New Zealand.

Prayer Chapel by Gensler

Prayer Chapel by Gensler

David Herjeczki of Gensler has created a university chapel space with a sweeping, richly layered ceiling that evokes the history and natural setting of a California campus.

spiro lamp

Beautiful Spiro Lamp Designed by Remedios Simón for LZF, is named after its structural design; delicate concentric wood modules, through which light flows.

The Slow and Green // Yoyogi Village by Kurkku | Guest Post by Pleat Farm. | yellowtrace blog »

The Slow and Green // Yoyogi Village by Kurkku


French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed the Ciel de Paris restaurant, located on the floor of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris.