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Use a Ziplock Baggie and the seat in front of you to easily view/access electronics during your flight... so smart!

another fun way to tie a scarf :)

Rubbermaid Paint Buddies. Put your left over paint in them and retouch anytime you want.

How to Roll Sleeves Like J. Crew

This is an actually doable list of relationship builders for couples in long-term relationships. These things are fun. Have fun together.

helpful necklace length chart...

Cover your refrigerator shelf with Saran's Press and Seal Wrap....then when it gets dirty you just peel it off and apply a new piece!

105 Ways to Relieve Stress- and relax your body & mind.

Random Fact 253- im going to try this!

Good idea and cheap

Pin now- read later. iPhone tips and tricks with iOS 6 ... for instance, i had no idea you can now use songs to wake up to on alarms rather than just ringtones! :)

Finals week diet. 7 foods that boost any type of bad mood! What to eat when you're feeling stressed, cranky, sad and more.

Your virtual body... Enter your measurements and find out what is the best way to dress for your body type.

33 OCD cleaning tips - these are good

DRYER SHEETS: cuts your bathroom cleaning time in half - makes mirrors & bath fixtures sparkle and cuts right through soap scum on bathtub.Use to get sticky dust right off of furniture, blinds and baseboards. Cleans up cooktops and greasy cupboards quickly. Soak paintbrushes in warm water with a dryer sheet and watch the paint come right off. Clean dead, icky bugs from the car. Wipe pet hair off of clothes and furniture. Run over thread before sewing to keep tangles away. Keeps mosquitoes off.

8 Minute Yoga for Better Sleep--great bedtime routine...i do yoga relaxation poses on nights when my muscles are very sore or im feeling restless (works wonders!)

how to break in your shoes in less than 2 minutes. bye-bye blisters! everyone in the world needs to know this!

This will come in handy. How to wear regular bra so the back isn't seen.