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20 genius DIY backdrops you can make for just a few dollars

tape wrapping paper or fabric to the wall and floor for a great photo backdrop.totally going to do this with my son and christmas wrapping paper with his christmas outfit

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Thinking about. Doing something like this with kids for xmas cards. But signs that say merry christmas 2013 instead. With red and green on kid boy girl


Browse through a little inspiration and DIY ways to capture the perfect christmas photo at home. Get 14 adorable holiday photo ideas for baby, on Babble. Minus the tutu

Christmas Baby

Tips and Traditions for Baby's First Christmas! Baby's first Christmas is filled with special milestones. Try our tips to make the first holiday season special with festive decor, Christmas eve traditions and ways to capture the cute moments.

UPDATED!!!Check out the link below!HOLIDAY BOKEH! I love light bokeh. I mean, really, what photographer doesn't.If you are just starting out or wondering what in the world bokeh is, it is the out of focus area of the photo.(though don't even ask me how to say the word... because I…

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