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a very tall building with a clock on it's face in front of a sky background
This is my proposal of the new spire for Notre-Dame. New spire exists as the third axis named "the future axis".
GG-027 小阪淳 |つつの靴下展 CREATION Project 2017 Person, Personal Care, It Works
GG-027 小阪淳 | Socks|つつの靴下展|CREATION Project(クリエイションプロジェクト) 2017
GG-027 小阪淳 |つつの靴下展 CREATION Project 2017
an abstract photograph of a building and clock tower
an aerial view of the top of a mountain with rocks and dirt on it's sides
an image of a very large tree in the middle of some rocks and snow covered mountains
an image of the earth with four different colors on it and text that reads earth 2015
an airplane flying over a city in the sky with dark clouds and buildings around it
an abstract photograph with lots of bubbles in black and white colors on the subject's surface
a painting of a person holding a microphone in front of their face with two hands
an airplane is shown with the nose section open
an artistic painting of a woman holding a vase
for SF magazine
an unusual looking black object with wheels and tires
an image of a giant balloon with the american flag on it's head and hands
for SF Magazine
a field full of flowers with clouds in the background