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Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens

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vertical garden

DIY Vertical Garden
  • Lori Revere-Paulk
    Lori Revere-Paulk

    Love this

Living picture from succulents - how to

Make a Living Succulent Picture
  • سامي نجيب نجيب
    سامي نجيب نجيب

    Thanks it's nice

  • سامي نجيب نجيب
    سامي نجيب نجيب


  • Cindy Hanson
    Cindy Hanson

    I put them in drift wood

  • Violet Riot
    Violet Riot

    How many people have tried this? Is it as easy as it looks? What keeps the dirt from going everywhere?

  • Barbara Schlecht Folkman
    Barbara Schlecht Folkman

    I am going to make this, it's so ptretty!!

vertical herb garden

Creative Home Herb Garden Ideas
  • Janet Maffei
    Janet Maffei

    love this, will try this summer

vertical gardens

Accessories: Vertical Gardens at Terrain: Remodelista
  • Dee Bender
    Dee Bender

    yikes! $178.00 I really think I can make this for about $10

Herb Garden

  • سامي نجيب نجيب
    سامي نجيب نجيب


  • Marta Rosique
    Marta Rosique

    I'm making one for my terrace!

  • Cynthia S Burgener
    Cynthia S Burgener

    Cynthia Burgener This is great. Are there directions on how to make? Awesome

  • Kaye Green
    Kaye Green

    I so need this!! such a great idea !!

Create your own living wall with a combo of pallets and cloth grow bags.

Herb Garden

  • Penny Preston
    Penny Preston


Succulent garden on the sidewall of a chicken coop. Beautiful! #garden

Sunset at the SF Flower and Garden Show

vertical farming. fun idea for planting herbs, strawberries or other things. Pattern on site.

fun idea for planting herbs, strawberries, etc
  • Stacie Martin
    Stacie Martin

    ...and the bunnies can't get to them.Awesome idea and beautiful

vertical gardens

Accessories: Vertical Gardens at Terrain: Remodelista

Vertical Succulent Garden by floragrubb: 20 x 20" panels with 45 slanted cells to support plants and soil when mounted vertically. The unit in the picture is made of 6 panels,#Vertical _Garden #Succulent_Garden #floragrubb

Vertical Succulent Garden, D.I.Y. Panel

awesome plants

gutter gardens... So clever

  • Rick Seemueller
    Rick Seemueller thinking way outside of the (flower) box!

  • Lynn Jarman
    Lynn Jarman

    Great for people who can no longer crawl around on the ground!


Laguna Dirt: Succulents: How Far Can You Go?
  • Cheryl George
    Cheryl George

    This is really pretty, Would love to know who to do this.

  • Linda VanSyckle
    Linda VanSyckle

    very pretty

vertical gardens. for lettuce and herbs

[Living Art Week!] Amazing Gardens, Fascinating Plant Projects


pallet_garden_step9 | Design*Sponge


Succulent Gardens Containers

vertical gardening

gardening with kids: Skyscraper Vertical Garden


pretty. little. world.: design

vertical gardening!

vertical succulent garden

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden Panels by Flora Grubb
  • Rihab Boussi Boussi
    Rihab Boussi Boussi

    Love it but what wood did u use for the background

DIY Freestanding vertical garden

A DIY Freestanding Vertical Garden A Kate Offering

Garden in a frame. Vertical wall systems from Urban Zeal.

Urban Zeal Planters Add Green Life to Boring Walls

Vertical garden.

My Urban Garden Deco Guide : Eco-chic gardens

Hanging gardens

Vertical Gardening by Randy Raburn - Restored Style